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Civil Marraiges Cork and Kerry

We participate in Civil Marriages, and have a wonderful venue and beautiful gardens for you to celebrate your special day. We have an intimate and private room for the occasion. This room is set-up church style with chairs and a top table as an altar, this we can offer to your on a complimentary basis.

Our rooms are suitable for smaller intimate family ceremony or one to include all your family and friends.

The Mills Inn is an elegant wedding venue and civil ceremony/Humanist ceremony venue and is popular with both Irish Couples and also those travelling from abroad who wish to experience the charm and beauty of Ireland for their wedding.

We will be happy to advise and assist with your civil ceremony, so please contact us for more


Marriages by civil ceremony may take place at the Office of a Registrar of Civil Marriagesorat a venue which has been agreed between the couple and the Registrar and approved in advance by the Registrar. If you wish to have a civil ceremony at The Mills Inn Hotel other than a Registry Office, you must contact the Registration Office in the area where the venue is located and apply to have the venue approved for the solemnisation of your civil marriages. This may involve the Registrar making an inspection of the venue. In order that the venue can be inspected in good time for your intended marriage, it is recommended that you make these arrangements well in advance of your notification appointment with the Registrar.

Please note there will be additional fees for civil marriages at venues other than registry offices. The Registrar will advise you of what fees are due when you are giving your notification.

Couples undergoing a civil ceremony must have been issued with a MRF by a registrar, not necessarily the same registrar who is performing the ceremony. As of 5th November 2007, there are no longer any residency requirements for civil marriages. The ceremony must be performed in the presence of two witnesses who should be both over 18 years of age.

At the end of the ceremony, the Registrar, the couple and the witnesses must all sign the MRF. The marriage will then be civilly registered by the

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