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The Mills Inn
One of the Oldest Inns in Ireland



Experience the homeliness, friendship and warmth of a true traditional Irish Inn in the heart of the Gaeltacht (Irish Speaking Area).


Established in 1755 the Mills Inn is one of the oldest Inns in Ireland and is renowned for its awarding winning food, traditional live music and a welcoming, energetic atmosphere. Taste the true Irish culture, language and traditions with a stop off lunch at The Mills Inn.


Lunch packages to suit all budgets:

Lunch package includes: Homemade Irish Stew; probably Ireland’s most favourite dish and one of our specialties, with tender Irish lamb, Irish potatoes and home-grown Irish vegetables which are cooked slowly to bring out the full Irish traditional flavors. Includes tea & coffee. This is accompanied with Homemade Irish soda Bread. (A must) All while listening to live Irish Music.

Extras: Free Lunch for bus driver and 1 Tour Guide: Each person on the tour will receive a 10% voucher off any gift item purchased from our An Siopa Gift Shop, which is situated across the Courtyard! At the end of the Lunch there will be a raffle to which one person will receive a prize.

Lunch package includes: Irish traditional open sandwich: Irish smoked Salmon and Atlantic Prawns served on our homemade Irish Soda Bread with tossed salad and dressed with Marie Rose Sauce and a wedge of fresh lemon.- this dish is a real Irish experience- all while listening to live Irish Music.

Extras: Free Lunch for Bus Driver and 1 Tour Guide: Each person on the tour will receive a 10% off any gift item purchased from our gift Shop, which is situated across the courtyard! At the end of the lunch there will be a raffle to which one person will receive a prize.

Afterwards take a stroll around our beautiful gardens where there is an ancient ruin of a castle.

We can tailor make any package to suit your budget!!

TEL:026 45237/ FAX: 026 45454
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The Mills Inn, Ballyvourney, Co.Cork, Ireland

On the main N22 from Cork to Killarney

Waterville Golf Links


Waterville Golf Links
Waterville Golf Links Waterville, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Golf at Waterville is a mystical experience – the beauty of classic links land, surrounded by the sea, yet forever challenged and shaped by the elements. Over 100 years old, Waterville is rated among the top 5 courses in Ireland and the top 20 links courses in the world. Links golf combines sand dunes gorse and native grasses, firm fairways, sod faced bunkers and subtle putting surfaces all intertwined by the ever changing weather. Forget the lob wedge. Think bump and run and creative shot making. Are you ready to walk in the footsteps of Irelands earliest golfers?

Muckross House and Killarney National Park


Muckross House and Killarney National Park
Kenmare Road, Mucross, Co.Kerry
Muckross House is a beautiful 19th century Victorian mansion at the heart of the expansive and staggeringly beautiful Killarney National Park. The Park itself stretches South and West of the town of Killarney. It is a rugged mountainous region which includes the famous McGillycuddy’s reeks mountain range. The mountains are edged by the majestic Killarney lakes. Muckross House itself lies close to the shores of Muckross lake, which reflects the splendour and beauty of the house and surrounding landscape, magnifying its’ magnificence. The National park has been a designated National Biosphere Reserve since 1981 and contains many features of national and international importance such as the native oakwoods and yew woods together with an abundance of evergreen trees and shrubs and a profusion of bryophytes and lichens which thrive in the mild Killarney climate. The native red deer are unique in Ireland with a presence in the country since the last Ice Age. The Park has countless walks and trails that guests can explore. Each walk is unique and offers new perspectives of the Park. There is so much to see that one visit is never enough.

Visitors can spend the day exploring Muckross house itself, taking a step back in time as they travel through the principal rooms, which are furnished in period style and portray the elegant lifestyle of the nineteenth century landowning class. The gardens surrounding the house are world-renowned and are a must for all visitors no matter what the season. Dotted throughout the grounds of Muckross house is the Muckross Traditional Farms. This allows visitors to experience traditional rural farm life in 1930’s and 1940’s Ireland. Capturing a glimpse of a forgotten way of life is an experience the whole family can enjoy and learn about Ireland’s rich past. There are three working farms (small, medium and large), each complete with animals, poultry and machinery. The farm dwellings are furnished in traditional style, complete with dressers, settlebeds and mealbins. There is also a Labourer's Cottage, a Carpenter's Workshop and a Blacksmith's Forge. A small farm animal petting area for the younger members of the family is also there, which is sure to bring delight.
A small journey through Killarney National Park, approximate 3 km from the entrance to Muckross house, guests can see one of the parks best attractions. Torc Waterfall. Taking the trip to see the waterfall is a must for any visitor of Muckross House and Killarney National Park. Climbing the steps near the waterfall will give you an awesome view of the park and lakes. It really is breathtaking and worth the short climb.

A trip to Muckross House in Killarney National Park is definitely a must for any guest of The Mills no matter the season. More information on Killarney National Park and Muckross House can be found here.



Kinsale, Co. Cork
Many of our guests in the Mills Inn are eager to experience the true beauty of Ireland’s southwest coast. One place stands as a treasure along the rugged and wild atlantic coast.

Kinsale is an idyllic and picturesque seaside town in West Cork. Kinsale is full of quaint old world charm, culture and vibrancy. It is hailed throughout the world as the gourmet capital of Ireland and with good reason. Throughout the town you will find an ocean of world class restaurants and intimate cafes where you can indulge in some of the finest culinary delights on our fair green isle. Kinsale also offers incredible traditional pubs and atmospheric wine bars that allow you to capture the tradition and magic of Irish nightlife.

The town is steeped in history and was the location of one of the most dramatic events in Irish history in 1601, The Battle of Kinsale where the English defeated an Irish army resulting in the Flight of the Earls, a monumental moments in the history of Ireland. There are many wonderful historical events and tours in Kinsale throughout the year. A must see attraction for any visitor is Charles Fort situated just outside the town, standing guard over the bay for centuries. It is an impressive and imposing structure that is brought to life by the guided tours. You can find more information on the tours and events that you can experience here.

The heart of Kinsale lies in the sea and the love its people have for it. The history and life of the town is infused with the ebb and flow of the tide. From the yachts and fishing boats that cover the horizon and move throughout the harbour, to the amazing fish on offer in almost all restaurants and the scintillating smell of sea air that fills your nostrils, you cannot escape the seas beauty and effect. Coming to Kinsale all visitors should have the opportunity to fall in love with the sea around Kinsale and experience its influence first hand. There are numerous water based activities that you can try. from boat tours and boat hire, sailing, kayaking, fishing, scuba diving and a plethora of other water based activities. A list of some of the water activities can be found here.

For golfing enthusiasts Kinsale is a haven and boasts of one of the world’s best golf courses at The Old Head of Kinsale Golf Links. Players from across the globe frequent this exclusive club. For many golfers it is a milestone in their playing career that they must reach. It is a spectacular experience set against a breathtaking backdrop of the wild atlantic sea. It will be a memory that will live on long after the final putt is satisfyingly made.

Fota Wildlife Park


Fota Wildlife Park
Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, Ireland
For guests of The Mills Inn looking for adventure and an incredible day of outdoor fun for the whole family look no further than Fota Wild Park, Ireland’s wildest attraction. Situated close to Cobh and only a very short trip from Cork City, Fota Wildlife Park is a day that the whole family will enjoy. Exciting, educational and fun Fota Wildlife Park is an amazing experience. You can spend countless hours strolling through the huge grounds being mesmerised by the variety of exotic animals who call the Park home. From cheetahs to giraffes, from monkeys to zebras and everything else in between it truly is a remarkable experience. The minute you step through the gates your are transported to a new worlds and forget you are merely ten minutes outside Cork City. There is a new member of the Fota Wildlife family... the beautiful Sumatran Tiger. This fabled animal has arrived in Fota as part of the new Asian sanctuary being created in Fota and is sure to be a favourite of the Park. Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible creature up close and learn all about where it came from, as well as all the other animals.

With wide open spaces, scenic picnic areas and wonderful cafes and gift shops, the whole family will not want to leave and many will stay right up to closing time trying to squeeze in one last look of their favourite animal. Be sure to check out the cheetah run and take a train journey through the park. They are traditions of every visit! To learn more about the Park, what animals call it home and how to book tickets, check out their website.

Gougane Barra


Gougane Barra
Ballingeary, Macroom, West Cork, Ireland
Gougane Barra is a very special place, one which any of our guests in The Mills who spent time there will attest to. Gougane Barra was Ireland’s first National Park when it opened to the public in 1966. This contributes greatly to the reputation which Gougane Barra has as an area of wild and beautiful scenery. The magnificent Forest Park covers an area of over 400 hectares (1,000 acres). The entire area is covered in lush, ancient forests that visitors can explore thanks to the many beautiful walks scattered throughout the Park. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will bask in the natural splendour and abundant wildlife that covers every inch of the Park. Packing a picnic is also a must as there are many enchanting spots amongst the many walking routes where you can relax and revel in the surroundings. Why not talk to the team at The Mills during your stay about arranging a pack lunch for your day of adventure. Our food is delicious and tastes just as good outside.

For the more energetic and adventurous, there are many more challenging walks ascending the slopes and hills throughout Gougane Barra. While the walks may at times be hard the breathtaking views of the entire Park once you reach the top is a moment of pure beauty and appreciation.

The River Lee rises here in Gougane Barra and flows through beautiful scenery to reach Cork Harbour after a distance of approximately 50 km. There is a tiny island in the lake at Gougane Barra connected to the shore by a causeway. It was here that St. Finbarr, patron saint of Cork, founded his early Christian monastery, before moving down the River Lee to establish a monastery at what is now St. Finbarr's Cathedral in Cork City. There is a small, intimate church on the island in this beautiful and serene location away from the hustle & bustle of daily life. Travellers have come from across the world to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the church and lake offer. It is a solemn experience that allows visitors time to remove themselves from the stresses of normal life, reflect and enjoy the silence amongst nature. The church itself is a very popular for intimate weddings and a number of The Mills guests who allow us share in their joy by hosting their special day, hold their ceremony in the church first. Information about The Mills Wedding Offers can be found on our website.

Toy Soldier Factory at Prince August


Toy Soldier Factory at Prince August
Kilnamartyra, Co.Cork
The Toy Soldier Factory is one of Ireland's best hidden secrets. It is only 15mins drive from The Mills Inn Hotel in the beautiful village of Kilnamartyra. The family owned Toy Soldier Factory has been established in Ireland since 1976 and has grown to become a place of fondness for anybody who is lucky to visit it.

A trip to the factory is both an educational and fun experience for all the family. The Factory produces hundreds of different black vulcanised rubber moulds that allow you, the customer, to cast your own model soldiers, chess sets and other figures and animals in metal as many times as you wish.

The Toy Soldier Factory is Europe’s only Toy Soldier Factory and is one of the largest in the world. Thousands of tourists every year visit the Toy Soldier Factory and experience first-hand how to cast and paint a miniature in their 30mins or 60mins workshops which are held daily from 10am to 4pm daily 7 days a week.

The gift shop is filled with hand painted soldiers and themed chess sets from many time periods in history as well as fantasy creatures, even jolly little leprechauns. The Visitor Centre also has an impressive collection of gorgeous jewellery, statues, pewter, silver, pottery, glass and leather giftware from many local Irish artists. Opening times are from 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri - Saturdays & Sundays 10am-5pm. An insight into the Toy Soldier Factory can be seen here.

Blarney Castle


Blarney Castle
Blarney, Co. Cork
Blarney Castle is a very popular tourist attraction and luckily is only a short drive from The Mills. Blarney Castle was built nearly six hundred years ago by one of Ireland's greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy. Over the last few hundred years, millions have flocked to Blarney, making it a world landmark and one of Ireland's greatest treasures.

Whenever someone thinks of Blarney Castle, they think of the Blarney Stone. For over 200 years, world statesmen, literary giants, and celebrities have joined the millions of pilgrims and tourists climbing the steps to kiss the Blarney Stone and gain the gift of eloquence or ‘The Gift of the Gab’ as it is fondly known as. Judging by the the outlandish tales and eccentric discussions that can be heard in The Mills at any time of the day we are sure a number of our locals and guests have kissed the fabled stone more than once.

Rock Close in Blarney Castle is an enchanting place where nature and art combine to create a magical experience. Full of unique designs and points of natural beauty, we would urge any visitor to spend some time in the Rock Close and gaze in awe at the huge Dolmen, manoeuvre around the wishing steps, let your imagination take hold as you look upon the sacrificial alter of the ancient Druids or stand solemnly in their ancient circle. There is even legends of fairies in the bottom of the garden. Some people in The Mills have even claimed to see them.

Blarney Castle and the surrounding attractions are engulfed in charming gardens. After touring the castle, kissing the stone and exploring the Rock Close, take the time to wander through all the gardens enjoying the picturesque scenes. It will make the day even more perfect.

Aqua Dome


Aqua Dome
Dan Spring Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry
If you want to make a splash during your stay, look no further than the Aqua Dome in Tralee. The Aqua Dome is one of Ireland’s largest indoor water worlds and attracts people from all over the country. It is a day of fun, play and relaxation. The Aqua Dome offers tropical temperatures all year round and is a great day out for all the family. No matter if it is lashing rain or icy cold, you will stay warm inside, swimming and splashing without a care in the world. It is brimming with exciting features that captures the imagination of both child and adult alike. The Aqua Dome is fun for swimmers & non-swimmers, so don’t think you need to sit out any of the excitement. Some of the amazing things on offer include;

Swim with the current
Surf the Waves
Wrestle the River Rapids
Relax in the Lazy River
Ride the Sky High Flume
Plunge down the Outdoor Falling Rapids
Enjoy the Whirlpool spas, Bubble seat, Sprays, Cannons, Gushers, Geysers, Children's pools, Spa pools

Situated in tralee it is only a small car ride from The Mills and promises to be a fantastic part of your stay. Take the plunge and check out a little more about the Aqua Dome on their website.

The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club


The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club
Templenoe, Kenmare, Co. Kerry
The History of The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country ClubThat such a superb Irish golf course exists today is due entirely to the vision of a young man from Templenoe, Donal O'Shea.

Donal, whose parents originally owned the land upon which the course is built, saw the potential to create what he hoped would become an internationally renowned fixture. That vision has been turned into reality but tragically Donal was killed in a car crash before his dream came true.His partner, Dominic Reid, an international financier, continued the concept and brought Tommy McNicholas and the McNicholas Company into the partnership to form a new company, Trentdale, to manage the project.

Eddie Hackett, Ireland's famous course designer, was appointed and The Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club came into being.When construction started it was soon discovered that most of the land lay on top of a large peat bog. It was decided that the only way to construct the course was to import 250,000 tons of sand and build on top of the peat. This has resulted in "The Ring" having fairways that resemble a links type course but the greens are holding and the Provident Grass ensures a magnificent putting surface all year round.

Eddie Hackett passed away during the construction period and Trentdale employed another designer to shape the greens. This was not a success as they were remarkably severe, bordering on unfair. As a result the course opened in 1998 to poor reviews and the owners, Trentdale, had to reshape some 14 greens under the supervision of that great American designer, Ron Kirby who had just completed the Old Head of Kinsale.In 2003, Universal Golf Consulting Ltd took a lease on the management of the course, which lasted up until the end of the 2008 season, to when the owners once again picked up the reigns. Trentdale, with the backing of McNicholas Construction, will continue to ensure the future of the Ring of Kerry Golf & Country Club, with the aim of further enhancing its facilities and indeed enviable reputation!



Lough Lein, Killarney, County Kerry
The Mills Inn Ballyvourney is a fisherman’s hotel, wonderfully situated in the beautiful south west of Cork and Kerry where there are ample fishing river and lakes for the experienced and not experienced fisherman.The Mills Inn is a family owned Hotel and Don himself is a keen fly fisherman and has fished in International Competitions and can also be you personal guide along with our experienced in house fishing guides.Angling in Cork and Kerry is a very special experience. It is an area of spectacular beauty with over 1000 kilometers of coastline ranging from rugged inlets to sweeping bays, over a hundred fishable Loughs and miles upon miles of superb salmon, sea trout and brown trout Rivers. Wild brown trout abound, they may not be the biggest in Ireland but our fisheries hold some of the most prolific stocks in Europe.The pristine rivers and lakes in South West Ireland are rich in both Game and Coarse species and are enhanced by Irelands catch and release policies.Names of most popular lake locally:Lough Lein in Killarney, County Kerry, is on our doorstep and open from February to October for brown trout, salmon and sea trout fishing, the Mills Inn Hotel has boats here, moored at the famous Ross Castle. Other lakes in the South West include: Caragh Lake for brown trout and salmon; Lough Currane for brown trout, sea trout and salmon.Names of most popular river locally:River fishing in the South West of Ireland includes the Sullane river which is on our doorstep and has a fantastic stock of brown trout. There are six salmon rivers within half an hour: in Kerry the rivers Flesk, Laune and the Roughty, in Cork the rivers Bandon, Lee and the Blackwater river.Day permits can be bought for all the above rivers - prices on requestAt the Mills Inn Anglers will find a tackle room, drying room and freezer facilitiesThe Mills Bar, is the perfect place after a days fishing to experience the true traditional Irish village life and values. A place to relax. Great food, great atmosphere and traditional music sessions. A place where you will find a true Irish welcome of hospitality and friendship where you can relax and be yourself.We take great pride in our traditional Irish music nights with local musicians often joined by hotel guests from far and wide – So why not join us where there is always a warm welcome,a seat by the fire a place where you can unveil all your fishing stories.



Various Locations in Kerry & Cork
Apart from our fabulous local routes, there are plenty of cycling routes around the Cork / Kerry Region in the South West of Ireland. Whether renting bicycles for a leisurely cycle around the area or taking a guided bike tour through the countryside of both Co. Cork and Kerry we can help you arrange your trip and itinerary.
Secure bike shed available.
The Ring of Kerry Cycling Route

The Ring of Kerry Cycling Route is famous worldwide for its archaeological treasures, breathtaking scenery and charming hospitality.

The route itself is approximately 216KM and may take several days to complete.

The route is divided into sections:

Day 1: Killarney - Kenmare: 42km
Day 2: Kenmare - Sneem: 30km
Day 3: Sneem - Waterville: 35km
Day 4: Waterville - Portmagee: 29km
Day 5: Portmagee - Cahersiveen via Valentia Island: 16km
Day 6: Caherciveen - Killorglin: 42km
Day 7: Killorglin - Killarney: 22km, are an Irish bike tour company, offering adventure guided bike tours through the breathtaking countryside of Counties Cork and Kerry, southwest Ireland.
Bike Rentals in Cork

Quinlans Rent-a-bike agents based in Cork City offer daily and weekly rates for renting bicycles.

Paddy's Rent - A - Bike, Kerry
Paddy's Rent - A - Bike in the centre of Dingle town has a large range of quality bikes for rent, by the day, week or longer

+353 (0)66 9152311

Traditional Irish Music


Traditional Irish Music
Macroom, Cork
Ballyvourney/Coolea is the home village of Sean O'Riada, as well as numerous other Irish musicians, poets, songwriters and artists. This Gaeltacht village takes pride in its language heritage and traditional music.

Traditional Music séisuns are a regular feature at the Mills Inn Macroom from Thursday to Sunday, although impromptu sessions can occur at anytime. Every Thursday night in "the pure drop" séisun, Séan O'Riada's son Peadar, Connie O'Connell and friends plays the best of traditional Irish music in the bar til late.

Live Music every Saturday Night - 9.30pm Till Late

Our local ionad cultúrtha (Cultural Centre) in Ballyvourney, Macroom offers entertainment for all ages including traditional Irish musicians, bands and plays.

In the town of Macroom itself, there is the Briery Gap Cultural Centre,