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Trad Duo Begley & Cooney Perform Live at The Mills Dec 28th
Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Mills Inn, Ballyvourney is proud to announce that the infamous Trad duo Begley & Cooney will be performing Live at The Mills, for one extraordinary night on Sunday 28th December 2014.

This will be an extraordinary night, where you will be treated to a masterclass by true Irish music legends. Throughout 2014 we have been lucky to have our stage at The Mills graced by many tremendously talented musicians and this event will will cap it off as a year to remember.

Due to the  shear buzz and excitement about seeing these two performers, booking tickets for this event is essential to avoid disappointment. Tickets are €15 each and are available at The Mills Inn Hotel. For more information of two reserve your tickets you can call us on 026-45237 or email us at

While we wait anxiously for the gig, here is some information about these two world class performers and some videos of them doing what they do best. So sit back and enjoy.

Seamus Begley &  Stephen Cooney are among the foremost performers of Irish dance music played in the regional tradition of Kerry and Cork. The duo's songs often accompany the performances and practices of traditional step and ceili dancers. Their energetic music incorporates the region's slides and polkas with the conventional hornpipes, jigs, and reels. Although the duo's dance music may be termed traditional, their musical partnership is unusual. They began their careers in vastly different musical arenas. Stephen Cooney is a former rock guitarist who started out in the Australian rock bands Fruitcake and Bushwackers. Accordionist Seamus Begley began in County Kerry, where he performed at local dance events.

This unlikely pairing of an Australian ex-rocker guitarist and Kerry accordion player is now recognised as one of the top acts in Irish music, playing traditional dance music with a fire that is true to the tradition, and much appreciated by the dancers for whom the music exists. The music is naturally full of vigour and energy; this pair are true to this essence, but bring their own style and innovations that have made their music wildly popular around the world.

We guarantee one of the best musical events of the year. We are looking forward to seeing you all here to join us for this amazing gig.

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